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Purchase policies

Purchase policies


The following conditions and policies will regulate the use of the website as the official website of MILAGRO DE MAYO, which visitors and / or users must be fastened. Through this platform, the user is provided with information about their products and offers the possibility of purchasing them; therefore a previous reading is suggested, before its use


Product prices

For each order, MILAGRO DE MAYO will charge the buyer a price on treatment and transport costs. This expense will be indicated before the time of order confirmation and payment and will vary depending on the place of delivery and the amount of products ordered.

Transportation and insurance costs are borne by the buyer.

Both to make the transport insurance effective and to correct any error in the delivery, it is an essential condition that it is stated in the comments section of the carrier's delivery document any incident regarding the merchandise received or its packaging.

Product prices are subject to change without notice. MILAGRO DE MAYO reserves the right to discontinue or modify the products.

Possible changes will not affect orders for which a shipping confirmation has already been sent.


Having complied with the terms and conditions, and the purchase confirmation has been successful, MILAGRO DE MAYO will send an email to the customer with the purchase order, with all the details of the order.


Order cancellations will be accepted as long as they are requested before the order is shipped (24 hours). To make the cancellation, it must be requested by e-mail to

Once the payment of the order has been made, if the customer decides to cancel the product, he will have to pay the bank costs, which correspond to 12% of the order value and financial that are attributed to the sale.


Senda Nelly Rojas is obliged to comply with the terms established by law, regarding the quality, suitability, safety and good condition of the products offered. Therefore, the warranty offered for the products is 30 calendar days from the moment of purchase and only for manufacturing defects.

There are five (10) calendar days for changes; the product must be in the original packaging without having been used. The guarantee on the products is thirty (30) calendar days on defects associated with the materials, manufacture and / or preparation under normal conditions of use. MIRACLE OF MAY does not make changes to products that are deteriorated by improper use such as blows, exposure to the elements, humidity, use of chemicals or non-compliance with the instructions indicated at the time of purchase and implicit in the certificate of authenticity. The guarantee is covered by arrangement or change according to the criteria of MILAGRO DE MAYO and the provisions of the rules that regulate the matter . It is grounds for loss of the warranty if the customer decides to make modifications to the part and / or accessory.

Discount or promotional products do not have the option of exchange or return


MILAGRO DE MAYO, will be exonerated of the responsibility that derives from the guarantee, when it demonstrates that the defect comes from:

  • Inappropriate use of the product by the Customer (blows, falls or stone breakage). < / li>
  • If the Client did not follow the instructions for the care of the jewelery. (see Caring for the parts).